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Download: Roky Erickson Wish List Set List

(from Roky Erickson Wish List Set List)

My actual real-live interview with Roky Erickson up at L.A. RECORD. He sounded better on the phone and ever. (And did a pretty great show last night, even without “Starry Eyes” or “The Interpreter.”) I talked to him last year for this S.F. WEEKLY piece and although he was very enthusiastic, he was also very succinct—a lot of “I lahk it!” answers. This time he was happy and chatty—the Q&A is pretty much how it went. Nice to find out about new album, new songs and his early visits to musicals like South Pacific. All roads lead to Roky. Full interview here. Also note Roky’s democratic voting record. There is no endorsement that speaks more to me. Obama/Bleib ’08—apparently it’s alright to do it!

Do you still play piano?
I do! I played the other day over at these peoples’ house—they had me over for dinner—fish and chicken-fried steak and everything—and we sat there at the table, like the knights of the round table, and he asked me if I’d play one of those loony tunes, and I said sure. Boy, that was just a gas, you know what I mean? An after-dinner thing.
Who are you gonna vote for this time?
Well, I don’t know. I voted two times previously and both times I voted for the Democratic Party. And then people helped me do it.
What’s the nicest present one of your fans ever gave you?
They give me bats and no tellin’ what! Little tapes and things. Napkins that said ‘Suzy Creamcheese’ on it. I try to keep ‘em—we have a storage house we keep ‘em all in. I don’t know how we get ‘em in there but we do!
What’s in there?
Just all sorts of stuff, man. Cages and everything. Couches. Apparently it’s alright to do it!

Complete new L.A. RECORD Roky here. Excerpt of S.F. WEEKLY Roky below. Oh and re: the fan bats… I did get a present of a rubber snake while leaving the show yesterday. So don’t doubt.

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For all those who are wanna get into the show for free and have the true rok love that will make it possible—or for those who wanna get the 13th Floor Elevators book or a Roky 2XLP, both of which I have inches away from me right now (not the contest copies, don’t worry) and both of which I can assure you are deeply and righteously ripping… anyway—for those who want a chance to ace the only GRE (Glorify Roky Erickson) that matters, L.A. RECORD presents… the ROKY ERICKSON TRIVIA CHALLENGE! Direct link here and rules and questions inside.

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Download: Roky Erickson Wish List Set List

I think we all know the kind of place Roky occupies in my life. Since he’s doing new songs for the first time in decades at the show Friday, I made a wishlist setlist of rarely heard Roky classics for L.A. RECORD. Complete info over there.

“Mine Mine Mind” from The Evil One
“Don’t Slander Me” from Don’t Slander Me
“For You” (live) from Casting The Runes
“The Damn Thing” from Don’t Slander Me
“Sweet Honey Pie” (live) from Gremlins Have Pictures
“Click Your Fingers Applauding The Play” from Gremlins Have Pictures
“Haunt” from Don’t Slander Me
“Can’t Be Brought Down” from Don’t Slander Me
“Wake Up To Rock ‘n’ Roll” (live) from Halloween: Live ’79-’81
“Right Track Now” from Epitaph For A Legend


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Download: Greater California “It’s Great” (shea M gauer remix)

(from Trust Us on Fidotrust)

Download: Devon Williams “A Truce”

(from “Elevator” 45 on L.A. RECORD)

Download: Thee Makeout Party “Slack”

(from the Audacity split on Trabajo—one of the best 45s of the year!)

UPDATE: Topped for tonight!

L.A. RECORD, Article 1 and ZCONTROLS present the first of hopefully many shows I’ll be setting up at Prospector. This falls right after the Last Saturday event at {open} around the corner so come to that then walk on over to this! If you don’t know the bands, Greater California are Zombies/Pet Sounds pop done by quality rock scholars—actually, every band playing tonight has record collections that warrant formal acknowledgement by the Secretary of the Interior, which is why every band will get to do a DJ ste, too—and Devon is my personal pick for California’s Alex Chilton, though many others hear a lot of Go-Betweens, and thee Makeout Party is real-deal ’76 style suburban rock ‘n’ roll something between the Real Kids and the 1910 Fruitgum Company. I personally witnessed them coax an Elks Lodge full of feisty buffet-sated grandmothers up to very vigorously dance. I believe the Velvet Underground started almost the same way. 9 PM and $5 for 21+ gets you control. Tentative next event is a last-minute Monday night show with Detroit’s brain-bursting Human Eye, who are like Hawkwind closely advised by Roky, Iggy and Helios Creed. Stay tuned for confirms on that.


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Download: The Black Angels “Doves”

(from Directions To See A Ghost on Light In The Attic/Suretone)

Pre-party at Spaceland for this weekend’s Clean Air Clear Stars fest, which dumps a bunch of L.A. RECORD-friendly cow-psych into a desert not so dissimilar from the one I happened to grow up in. (True test: how many broken cars are in any given front yard? Smashed ’83 Hondas are practically a native succulent where I come from.) Tonight is Portland fuzzgaze band Swoon 23‘s first L.A. show in about a decade plus headliners the Black Angels, who sophomore album was a great leap forward and who will be coming back in a few weeks as Roky Erickson‘s backing band. Plus DJ Short Shorts, who is the voice of L.A. RECORD radio. I’ve talked to Black Angels a few times—this one from L.A. RECORD in the infamous Mika Miko issue.

What’s the difference between an ‘evil’ sound and a ‘hostile’ sound?
An evil sound is more of a kind of feel—a dirge-y kind of hypnotic drone-y thing.
Who made the best evil music?
The original bluesmen probably did it the best. John Lee Hooker—they used to call his stuff ‘hypno-drone.’ I read about it in an old blues book. It gets in your head. I don’t think there’s any better kind of music for that kind of driving repetitive hypnotic thing. And of course the old country music. Hank Williams. And early rock ‘n’ roll—Bo Diddley is another.
What do you listen to when you’re going to sleep?
The Louvin Brothers. It makes my soul feel at rest.

The rest of L.A. RECORD and Black Angels here. More and more below.

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Download: Sian Alice Group “Motionless”

(from 59:59 out now on Social Registry)

This interview with Sian Alice Group at L.A. RECORD cost me like $30 in Skype credits but switched to conversation in the middle and friendly goofin’ off by the end so you bet it was worth it. Great folks—once we uncovered shared reverence for Roky and Chilton, who I should tell you now serve as two of the greatest social accelerants extant, we were fast phone friends. Got to meet them at Pretty Sh!t the other night as they deployed a staggering DJ set (Link Wray from the self-titled Polydor LP? Real!) and politely presided over our top Cha Cha night so far. A lot of L.A. RECORD alumni at the bar: the Black Lips, for whom I bought beers right out the gate just because they looked so thirsty, and RTX and Blank Blue and Gangi and Pizza! and now Sian Alice, who also sport honorary accreditation from the Pierce Academy of Music. Fun more than I could have ever expected. Full fun with Sian Alice—who play tonight at Troubadour, and who may well be hanging out with Mike Bones at Family at 2 today—at this link right here that is waiting for you.

Rupert, do you still live in the studio?
RC: Kind of but right now—
BC: —we’re all in a riverside mansion.
RC: I haven’t lived anywhere for so long. I develop great habits like not cleaning my teeth! General lack of hygiene—stuff like that! But if you have a studio, you spend most of your time in it anyway…
SA: Rupert always lands on his feet—he’s the world’s most glamorous hobo!
RC: Thanks, Sian—that’s great! But right now we’re in a house you wouldn’t believe.
BC: A Jacobean mansion on the Thames.
There’s not like a dead man in a tuxedo cooling on the driveway, is there?
BC: A dead butler just inches away.


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kate kunath

Download: Jolie Holland “Mexico City”

(from The Living And The Dead out Oct. 7 on Anti-)

Download: Jolie Holland “Old Fashioned Morphine”

(from Escondida on Anti-)

Download: Webb Pierce “The Good Lord Giveth (And Uncle Sam Taketh Away)”

Just had a talk with Jolie Holland, who says she hasn’t had her own room to live in since 2005. (She even wrote two songs on the new album at the airport or in a hotel, which I think is how Porter Wagoner used to do it.) A lot of Texas talk—Roky, Guy, Townes—and a lot of ghost talk, prompted by Townes. She is very comfortable when it comes to ghosts. Plus the value of Chinese medicine, raven feathers, nicknames, funerals, weddings, the 70-year-old busboy who used to sing with her and a lot of lines like, “I’m dirt poor, but I have accountants.” Sounds like a line from the Webb Pierce song above to me. I’ll let you know when and where this is going to come out.