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Download: Greater California “It’s Great” (shea M gauer remix)

(from Trust Us on Fidotrust)

Download: Devon Williams “A Truce”

(from “Elevator” 45 on L.A. RECORD)

Download: Thee Makeout Party “Slack”

(from the Audacity split on Trabajo—one of the best 45s of the year!)

UPDATE: Topped for tonight!

L.A. RECORD, Article 1 and ZCONTROLS present the first of hopefully many shows I’ll be setting up at Prospector. This falls right after the Last Saturday event at {open} around the corner so come to that then walk on over to this! If you don’t know the bands, Greater California are Zombies/Pet Sounds pop done by quality rock scholars—actually, every band playing tonight has record collections that warrant formal acknowledgement by the Secretary of the Interior, which is why every band will get to do a DJ ste, too—and Devon is my personal pick for California’s Alex Chilton, though many others hear a lot of Go-Betweens, and thee Makeout Party is real-deal ’76 style suburban rock ‘n’ roll something between the Real Kids and the 1910 Fruitgum Company. I personally witnessed them coax an Elks Lodge full of feisty buffet-sated grandmothers up to very vigorously dance. I believe the Velvet Underground started almost the same way. 9 PM and $5 for 21+ gets you control. Tentative next event is a last-minute Monday night show with Detroit’s brain-bursting Human Eye, who are like Hawkwind closely advised by Roky, Iggy and Helios Creed. Stay tuned for confirms on that.



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emily rose

Download: Devon Williams “A Truce”

(from “A Truce” 45 on L.A. RECORD)

Great press for Devon to advance my show at the Prospector tomorrow. (THAT’S DEVON WILLIAMS AT THE PROSPECTOR IN LONG BEACH TOMORROW NIGHT!!!! CLICK HERE FOR MUSIC AND REASONS TO GO!!!!) Full fun below.

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Jedediah Laub-Klein

Download: The Triffids “I Am A Lonesome Hobo”

Download: The Go-Betweens “Dive For Your Memory”

As everyone who’s read about half of anything I’ve written knows, it makes me sick that Acres of Books is going to be demolished. Knocking Acres over makes no sense at all: Building new lofts when we could be about three weeks from the New Depression? Snuffing out a loved (and solvent) landmark business just because screwy deals drafted decades ago demand it? Removing one of the last unique things that keeps Long Beach from becoming just some by-committee tryhard imitation of Santa Monica?

Of course the city will regret this at some point down the line—probably when people who are barely teenaged now climb into power and wonder what happened to the Long Beach their parents loved, and probably when some think-tank study finally discovers years from now that unrestricted construction of dingbat live-work lofts is about as healthy for a struggling downtown as a neutron bomb. I can almost hear the speeches now, and they sound a lot like the apologies the city had to make for the successive generations of fiasco built and rebuilt on the site that’s now CityPlace. But ideas as bad as this one breed too many bulldozers to stop, so Acres gets plowed under. They close for good Wednesday and the maybe-official wake will be tonight in the back at the last Hobo Alley. Bands will play, hot dogs will be cooked and a lot of respects will be paid. My respects below.

UPDATE: Bands are Steve’s own Lobsterboss, Santiago Steps and Arrow Down.

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Via L.A. RECORD. Excited as my neighborhood turns into my record collection. It’s like Soundwalk Private Reserve. Greater California will be playing a show I’m doing at Prospector on Oct. 25 (with Devon Williams—his first-ever time in Long Beach—and thee Makeout Party!) and if you’d like some background on this event, link to my feature is here.

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Kate and folks screening the Joy Division bio-pic and DJ-ing Factory-friendly records at Que Sera tonight at 9ish. All drinks served extra icy cold, I hope. (Also deep apologies to Bill for missing his going-away thing. I owe you a drink in a coconut.) If you aren’t at Cold War Kids, hit this.


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Download: Paperplanes ‘Honky Tonk’

Download: Henry Clay People ‘Andy Sings!’

Download: Happy Hollows ‘Lieutenant’

Thanks to Ashley for the reminder—great show at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach tonight. If I wasn’t fearful of resicking, I would go—Paperplanes are one of my favorite bands and their Rhinestone Republic is one of the strongest local albums of the year. I have been interviewing my way through the cast of Heartworn Highways this week and I wish I had talked to them before hand; they are guys who deserve deeply to share a sip with Guy Clark. Heartfelt words about them below.

Plus support from Henry Clay People, who shook off initial impulses to sound like Arcade Fire or something and who now power headfirst into good ol’ Replacements/Green On Red kicker-punk. Haven’t heard the new album (L.A. RECORD liked it lots) but they’re pretty restorative live. Happy Hollows are worthwhile, too—won the hotly contested L.A. RECORD Reader Poll last year and chop out some Blonde Redhead/Pixies sort of noise live.

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photo by patrick miller

Download: Good Foot Tenth Anniversary Mix from L.A. RECORD

(also check Thavius Beck’s theme song at the beginning!)

Long Beach funk/soul club the Good Foot—the place I went the first time I ever came to Long Beach—is celebrating their tenth anniversary tonight and founder Dennis Owens invited me to DJ. Many thanks for even being considered—I’m pulling out a lot of 45s I haven’t even touched since I’ve been straying homesick toward country so much lately. I’m on at 9:30 after Zanz from Blow Up Blow and before Frankie the Face from Heatwave and Secret Affair. $5 but get there early because it will pack out!

UPDATE: Tons of photos here. Spot me; I didn’t delete myself.