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Short blog item for O.C. WEEKLY‘s blog on Koo’s founder Dennis Lluy moving his all-ages venue out of Long Beach and back to Santa Ana, which sort of chased him out six years ago but which has apparently learned from past actions.

After five years in downtown Long Beach, storied all-ages venue Koo’s is officially returning to Santa Ana and a new home at the historic Yost Theater, where a no-longer non-profit Koo’s, Inc., will begin programming in January.

“We’re done in Long Beach,” says Koo’s founder Dennis Lluy today, shortly before he’ll begin hauling equipment and furniture out of the 530 E. Broadway space he’s due to vacate this weekend. “We had a five-year run and we took it as far as we felt we could take it. I feel we were unsuccessful seeking partners. But I don’t blame anyone but me—so we’re moving on.”

More at the Heard Mentality post. I’ve written about Koo’s a lot and you can follow their OC timeline in stories below.

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Stream: Loudon Wainwright III “Motel Blues”

(from Recovery on Yep Roc)

Stream: Big Star “Motel Blues”

(from The Ardent Sessions)

My first talk with Loudon Wainwright over at O.C. WEEKLY. I did this originally for the S.F. WEEKLY Hardly Strictly Bluegrass piece but didn’t end up using it. But I’d never leave Loudon out in the cold. I just interviewed him again yesterday and he was in fine form, talking about caves and hobos and putting razorblades in Halloween apples. I always feel pretty happy with an interview when the subject asks, “Wait—is my wife going to read this?” Loudon one here and excerpted below and Loudon two coming soon. Also as a nice little ego bump, the OCW contents page actually quoted me and Loudon joking around as a teaser. What can I say? There’s a certain type I can really work with.

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dan monick

Download: Warpaint “Billie Holiday”

(from the self-released Exquisite Corpse EP)

A completely different conversation with Warpaint up now at L.A. RECORD. This ran in the August print issue but we didn’t post online til we got an MP3. I think it’s worth it. As I said before, I’m really getting into this band. I think Emily and Theresa did a great job in this interview, too.

What was your longest car ride together?
EK: We went to Vancouver together to play and write and hang out. We wrote music on the mouth of a cove.
TW: There were mermaids—lots of mermaids there. It was called Deep Cove. And we learned from them how to be the hypnotic sirens we are.
Mermaids are half-naked.
EK: Maybe we’ll just play naked.
Thanks for giving our website one million hits.
TW: I’m gonna say ‘naked’ in every interview from now on.
EK: Change our name to Naked Warpaint. Naked Paint.

All the rest (including the origin of the naked-guy story from the OC WEEKLY article) over here. I hope to get them down to Long Beach in the near future so watch this site.


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emily rose

Download: Devon Williams “A Truce”

(from “A Truce” 45 on L.A. RECORD)

Great press for Devon to advance my show at the Prospector tomorrow. (THAT’S DEVON WILLIAMS AT THE PROSPECTOR IN LONG BEACH TOMORROW NIGHT!!!! CLICK HERE FOR MUSIC AND REASONS TO GO!!!!) Full fun below.

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Stream: Warpaint “Billie Holliday”

Second talk with the other half of Warpaint up at OC WEEKLY. I did an interview with Emily and Theresa in L.A. RECORD but that’s not quite online yet. (But will be very soon.) I’m really starting to get into this band. Warpaint sounds kind of like Telescopes and Lush and a lot of the spacier British bands from probably ’79 to ’93? That’s kind of clinically mathematical as a description but I got numbers on my mind today.

With the long-promised debut EP Exquisite Corpse just out and a just-finished Spaceland residency that left the band tighter and closer than ever, LA’s Warpaint are primed for further exposure. In Exquisite Corpse’s five songs, they try 50 small and subtle things—shy ravels of guitar or stuttered polyrhythms by drummer Dave Orlando, tense basslines by Jen Lindberg that would win approving salute from Jah Wobble, or melodies that stall and dive like a bird interrupted in flight. They positively effervesce atmosphere, beginning songs with barely more than bass and breath, and then roaring toward orbit; they evoke as much “lush” the adjective—heat and fog and a gentle threat of sensory overload—as Lush the band, whose ghostly vocals find respectful echo in Kokal and singer/guitarist Theresa Wayman. There’s even their reverent appropriation of a verse from Mary Wells’ “My Guy,” which adds new fire to the smoky stand-out “Billie Holiday.” (Used with permission, adds Lindberg.)

More here and they play Monday down at Detroit in Costa Mesa—free and their first O.C. show. I hope to get them at Prospector soon with maybe Blank Blue. Watch the blog for confirms.


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dan monick and sam mcpheeters

Stream: Sam McPheeters “Punishment Bathroom”

Last day of McPheeters‘ ‘Unleash The Walrus’ art show at Hope Gallery today. He gave me one of my realest interviews ever a while back, and then we made arrangements for him to occasionally dip in to deliver OC WEEKLY a bit of dignity. Drew Denny at L.A. RECORD does this fearlessly worthwhile interview:

Do you consider yourself a political artist?
I’m not sure what defines political art. I like a good painting of Ronald Reagan in an outhouse as much as the next guy, but I don’t know that I want my art to read message-heavy. Although I’m going to donate my cut of the Hope Gallery proceeds to charity, I’ll have to pay tax on that money first, and 54% of current federal income taxes go directly to military spending. So I guess all sellable art is political in the sense that it contributes money directly to the military.
Do you consider yourself a grown-up?
Only when teenage punk rockers give me that sideways squint that says I know nothing of their world and never will. But then I remember that I can go home and watch cartoons all night and they have to angrily do fractions.

More here.


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sean from new fidelity

Download: Blank Blue “All The Shallow Deep”

(from Western Water Music Vol. 2 on Ubiquity)

Download: Greater California “It’s Great” (shea M gauer remix)

(from Trust Us on Fidotrust)

Download: Crystal Antlers “Parting Song For The Torn Sky”

(from the EP on Touch and Go)

Here is a little blurber on this weekend’s Schooled In Song, which is soon going to be the Eagle Rock Music Fest of the South Bay. (Same way Eagle Rock Music Fest will probably soon be the new Sunset Junction.) Got some interview outtakes for this one, too, but for now this will be the Sunday to flatten all previous Sundays. Full article here with bits on Blank Blue, Greater California, Jay Buchanan, Crystal Antlers and Dengue Fever. And I would also like to say how happy I am that Long Beach has a street fest this solid. With the last-min addition of Paperplanes, this becomes a very inclusive and impressive line-up.

Last year’s Schooled in Song festival at the Carpenter Center taught locals just how healthy homegrown music can be: “500 people walked away saying, ‘What amazing musicians in our midst!’” remembers organizer Justin Hectus, who had the Dibs, Deccatree, Chris Paul Overall and more raising money for Long Beach arts programs. But now class is really in session. A partnership with the University by the Sea arts-and-culture fest—named after an old-timers club at which boring lecturers were voted offstage—pairs more than 30 bands with off-the-wall classes in which Long Beach personalities (such as Mayor Bob Foster) wax academic on everything from Roman history to swashbuckling (“museum-quality” weapons provided). Other areas of study: “Laughter Yoga,” “How to Be a Drag Queen,” “The Rise and Fall of Fender’s International Ballroom,” plus composting workshops, crepe-making, and a whole bunch about alcohol and/or the consumption of.

Set times below. This is a free all-ages show at First and Linden in downtown Long Beach that starts at 10ish Sunday. And don’t skip Grobaty’s preview here, either.

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