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Short blog item for O.C. WEEKLY‘s blog on Koo’s founder Dennis Lluy moving his all-ages venue out of Long Beach and back to Santa Ana, which sort of chased him out six years ago but which has apparently learned from past actions.

After five years in downtown Long Beach, storied all-ages venue Koo’s is officially returning to Santa Ana and a new home at the historic Yost Theater, where a no-longer non-profit Koo’s, Inc., will begin programming in January.

“We’re done in Long Beach,” says Koo’s founder Dennis Lluy today, shortly before he’ll begin hauling equipment and furniture out of the 530 E. Broadway space he’s due to vacate this weekend. “We had a five-year run and we took it as far as we felt we could take it. I feel we were unsuccessful seeking partners. But I don’t blame anyone but me—so we’re moving on.”

More at the Heard Mentality post. I’ve written about Koo’s a lot and you can follow their OC timeline in stories below.

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Stream: Loudon Wainwright III “Motel Blues”

(from Recovery on Yep Roc)

Stream: Big Star “Motel Blues”

(from The Ardent Sessions)

My first talk with Loudon Wainwright over at O.C. WEEKLY. I did this originally for the S.F. WEEKLY Hardly Strictly Bluegrass piece but didn’t end up using it. But I’d never leave Loudon out in the cold. I just interviewed him again yesterday and he was in fine form, talking about caves and hobos and putting razorblades in Halloween apples. I always feel pretty happy with an interview when the subject asks, “Wait—is my wife going to read this?” Loudon one here and excerpted below and Loudon two coming soon. Also as a nice little ego bump, the OCW contents page actually quoted me and Loudon joking around as a teaser. What can I say? There’s a certain type I can really work with.

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josh slater

Download: Roky Erickson Wish List Set List

(from Roky Erickson Wish List Set List)

My actual real-live interview with Roky Erickson up at L.A. RECORD. He sounded better on the phone and ever. (And did a pretty great show last night, even without “Starry Eyes” or “The Interpreter.”) I talked to him last year for this S.F. WEEKLY piece and although he was very enthusiastic, he was also very succinct—a lot of “I lahk it!” answers. This time he was happy and chatty—the Q&A is pretty much how it went. Nice to find out about new album, new songs and his early visits to musicals like South Pacific. All roads lead to Roky. Full interview here. Also note Roky’s democratic voting record. There is no endorsement that speaks more to me. Obama/Bleib ’08—apparently it’s alright to do it!

Do you still play piano?
I do! I played the other day over at these peoples’ house—they had me over for dinner—fish and chicken-fried steak and everything—and we sat there at the table, like the knights of the round table, and he asked me if I’d play one of those loony tunes, and I said sure. Boy, that was just a gas, you know what I mean? An after-dinner thing.
Who are you gonna vote for this time?
Well, I don’t know. I voted two times previously and both times I voted for the Democratic Party. And then people helped me do it.
What’s the nicest present one of your fans ever gave you?
They give me bats and no tellin’ what! Little tapes and things. Napkins that said ‘Suzy Creamcheese’ on it. I try to keep ‘em—we have a storage house we keep ‘em all in. I don’t know how we get ‘em in there but we do!
What’s in there?
Just all sorts of stuff, man. Cages and everything. Couches. Apparently it’s alright to do it!

Complete new L.A. RECORD Roky here. Excerpt of S.F. WEEKLY Roky below. Oh and re: the fan bats… I did get a present of a rubber snake while leaving the show yesterday. So don’t doubt.

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Stream: Warpaint “Billie Holliday”

Second talk with the other half of Warpaint up at OC WEEKLY. I did an interview with Emily and Theresa in L.A. RECORD but that’s not quite online yet. (But will be very soon.) I’m really starting to get into this band. Warpaint sounds kind of like Telescopes and Lush and a lot of the spacier British bands from probably ’79 to ’93? That’s kind of clinically mathematical as a description but I got numbers on my mind today.

With the long-promised debut EP Exquisite Corpse just out and a just-finished Spaceland residency that left the band tighter and closer than ever, LA’s Warpaint are primed for further exposure. In Exquisite Corpse’s five songs, they try 50 small and subtle things—shy ravels of guitar or stuttered polyrhythms by drummer Dave Orlando, tense basslines by Jen Lindberg that would win approving salute from Jah Wobble, or melodies that stall and dive like a bird interrupted in flight. They positively effervesce atmosphere, beginning songs with barely more than bass and breath, and then roaring toward orbit; they evoke as much “lush” the adjective—heat and fog and a gentle threat of sensory overload—as Lush the band, whose ghostly vocals find respectful echo in Kokal and singer/guitarist Theresa Wayman. There’s even their reverent appropriation of a verse from Mary Wells’ “My Guy,” which adds new fire to the smoky stand-out “Billie Holiday.” (Used with permission, adds Lindberg.)

More here and they play Monday down at Detroit in Costa Mesa—free and their first O.C. show. I hope to get them at Prospector soon with maybe Blank Blue. Watch the blog for confirms.


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dan monick

Download: RTX “Cheap Wine Time”

(from JJ Got Live RATX on Drag City)

Tons of fun with RTX’s Jennifer and Kurt over at L.A. RECORD. I back this band hard (I even wrote their bio) and the new album is great. Hanoi Rocks plus Enigma-era Roky to me, though L.A. RECORD photographer Scott Schultz says the above is like a Stones song, and he’s not wrong there. This interview done at Prospector before—and prolonged into—our Cha Cha night. Good times:

Did you take a big hit when the stock market crashed?
J: That’s a joke in your life but motherfucker I had bank in the stock market four years ago! And I sold it all when I bought my place here. I had the Latin American Equity Fund. But I been putting my brain on hold. I will keep myself from any kind of stimulation.
Is this like how you take the snow chains off the car for the summer?
J: Yeah, but I’m going a couple seasons. I’m just eating the popcorn that didn’t pop off the floor, you know what I’m saying? I’m really in suspended animation—literally no information coming in. I’m saving it up until I can parse it and put it out on my own time.

The rest here. Album just came out. Grab it if you’ve never heard the band before—and be ready for shred—and grab it if you have heard them before, too.


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alice rutherford

Download: Jolie Holland “Mexico City”

(from The Living And The Dead out now on Anti-)

Download: Jolie Holland “Old Fashioned Morphine”

(from Escondida on Anti-)

This one sneaked on to L.A. RECORD when I was looking in a different direction. Apropos to the recent financial pessimism—pay me or obey me is the rule around here—Jolie talked a bit about fringe survival techniques. Very lengthy outtakes (including discussion of stewardesses, sneering, Marvin Gaye, weddings and shit, the Anthology of American Folk Music, lack of privacy, singing songs to yourself, being the best ‘white girl’ singer in school and Jolie’s new band Dark-Eyed Junko) after jump.

You said the best music comes from the hungriest mouths—what were you thinking about?
I was just being a snob because I was dirt poor.
Do you feel different now?
Are you still dirt poor?
I’m pretty dirt poor. I don’t know. I’m dirt poor but I have accountants.
That sounds like a Webb Pierce lyric.
I live on the road so I can’t pay my bills or anything.
Didn’t you once sell puppies to pay bills? What’s the best way to get by?
I don’t know. Getting a job is not that bad. I miss having a job.
What was the last one?
I was a waitress at Howard’s Diner in San Francisco. It was a real sweet family business. Pretty much all the waitresses sang there. It was really nice. The busboy—the 70-year-old busboy from China used to sing to me all the time. We both knew this one Chinese song and we’d sing it together.
Do you think he still thinks of you from time to time?
I hope so. I think about him all the time.

Published interview here on L.A. RECORD. Outtakes below.

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Jedediah Laub-Klein

Download: The Triffids “I Am A Lonesome Hobo”

Download: The Go-Betweens “Dive For Your Memory”

As everyone who’s read about half of anything I’ve written knows, it makes me sick that Acres of Books is going to be demolished. Knocking Acres over makes no sense at all: Building new lofts when we could be about three weeks from the New Depression? Snuffing out a loved (and solvent) landmark business just because screwy deals drafted decades ago demand it? Removing one of the last unique things that keeps Long Beach from becoming just some by-committee tryhard imitation of Santa Monica?

Of course the city will regret this at some point down the line—probably when people who are barely teenaged now climb into power and wonder what happened to the Long Beach their parents loved, and probably when some think-tank study finally discovers years from now that unrestricted construction of dingbat live-work lofts is about as healthy for a struggling downtown as a neutron bomb. I can almost hear the speeches now, and they sound a lot like the apologies the city had to make for the successive generations of fiasco built and rebuilt on the site that’s now CityPlace. But ideas as bad as this one breed too many bulldozers to stop, so Acres gets plowed under. They close for good Wednesday and the maybe-official wake will be tonight in the back at the last Hobo Alley. Bands will play, hot dogs will be cooked and a lot of respects will be paid. My respects below.

UPDATE: Bands are Steve’s own Lobsterboss, Santiago Steps and Arrow Down.

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