Short blog item for O.C. WEEKLY‘s blog on Koo’s founder Dennis Lluy moving his all-ages venue out of Long Beach and back to Santa Ana, which sort of chased him out six years ago but which has apparently learned from past actions.

After five years in downtown Long Beach, storied all-ages venue Koo’s is officially returning to Santa Ana and a new home at the historic Yost Theater, where a no-longer non-profit Koo’s, Inc., will begin programming in January.

“We’re done in Long Beach,” says Koo’s founder Dennis Lluy today, shortly before he’ll begin hauling equipment and furniture out of the 530 E. Broadway space he’s due to vacate this weekend. “We had a five-year run and we took it as far as we felt we could take it. I feel we were unsuccessful seeking partners. But I don’t blame anyone but me—so we’re moving on.”

More at the Heard Mentality post. I’ve written about Koo’s a lot and you can follow their OC timeline in stories below.

January, 2002: The initial 2002 shut-down and departure from Santa Ana.

February, 2002: Koo’s temporary stint in Garden Grove at the Drop-In center.

January, 2004: Relocation and initial trouble in Long Beach.

January, 2004: More trouble with permits and people legally being allowed to dance.

March, 2005: New controversy over nude-drawing classes at Koo’s.

March, 2005: Conflicts with neighbors over amplified music.

May, 2005: Success! Koo’s gets its live-entertainment permit.

November, 2006: More problems with noise and neighbors, heralding the transition from a live venue to an art gallery.

Lining it all up like that really makes it look like an uphill battle for Koo’s. Hopefully the new location won’t provoke this sort of song-and-dance. And also some lessons learned about all-ages promoting from Lluy and others like PCH club’s Alex Maciel.
More lessons learned here.


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