dan monick

Download: RTX “Cheap Wine Time”

(from JJ Got Live RATX on Drag City)

Tons of fun with RTX’s Jennifer and Kurt over at L.A. RECORD. I back this band hard (I even wrote their bio) and the new album is great. Hanoi Rocks plus Enigma-era Roky to me, though L.A. RECORD photographer Scott Schultz says the above is like a Stones song, and he’s not wrong there. This interview done at Prospector before—and prolonged into—our Cha Cha night. Good times:

Did you take a big hit when the stock market crashed?
J: That’s a joke in your life but motherfucker I had bank in the stock market four years ago! And I sold it all when I bought my place here. I had the Latin American Equity Fund. But I been putting my brain on hold. I will keep myself from any kind of stimulation.
Is this like how you take the snow chains off the car for the summer?
J: Yeah, but I’m going a couple seasons. I’m just eating the popcorn that didn’t pop off the floor, you know what I’m saying? I’m really in suspended animation—literally no information coming in. I’m saving it up until I can parse it and put it out on my own time.

The rest here. Album just came out. Grab it if you’ve never heard the band before—and be ready for shred—and grab it if you have heard them before, too.


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