Download: Rodriguez “Sugar Man”

(from Cold Fact reissued on Light In The Attic)

Nice to see this guy alive and thriving—I forget how I found him (but probably WFMU) but he cut a pretty tuff LP of folk/rock about 1970 and then disappeared, except in South Africa where his songs became coffeehouse standards the way Dylan or Van Morrison is here. Overseas, they figured him for a famous American genius; in his native Detroit, they didn’t even know if he was alive. I got some kind of semi-legit copy of his very good Cold Fact LP (check “Jane S. Piddy” and “I Wonder”) off eBay—and now that I think of it one of his 45s of some random guy selling boxes of 45s on the street—but Light In The Attic did a real re-issue recently. And now the man himself is playing a live set (backed by members of Dirtbombs, the Go and the Sights—I feel like I need to send a text to Makeout HQ) on WDET radio at 11:25 AM EST / 8:25 AM PST. Yuck for that time slot—I get up before noon the way a lizard gets flooded from its hole—but this is definitely some sort of reason to try and see the sun tomorrow. Also fans of this may want to look for Mike Milius’ Desperado—apparently pretty obscuro LP on the same folk/rock vibe with killer cover art, too. Info from Light in the Attic—via Charlie’s ol’ roommate Dave—below:

God, how many times can we promote the hell out of this international, jet-setting radio tour our man Rodriguez has embarked on over the course of the last three months? He’s talked to folk the world over about his incredible story and his even more incredible album (that we just reissued – winkity wink wink) Cold Fact.

Well, this wiley gentleman is up to his interview-tricks again, and this Friday you can tune in and catch one of the larger stations in the, er, great city of Detroit (WDET) not only talking to the man, the plan, Rodriguez, but a live performance featuring his recently put together band of lo-fi, Detroit, garage rocking legends.

This is going to be awesome, and those who, luckily, don’t live in Detroit, can listen to it at WDET’s website, listed below:

Rodriguez + Band
LIVE on WDET’s “Detroit Today”
Fri, Oct 10th @ 11:25am EST
Listen live on your Detroit radio dial or online at:


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