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Download: Graveyard “Thin Line”

(from Graveyard out now on Tee Pee)

Download: Imaad Wasif “Unveiling”

(from Strange Hexes on Phantom Sound and Vision)

Me and L.A. RECORD take a little time out for Swedish heavyrock combo Graveyard. I caught them on the way to Nashville, where drummer Axel was sad they would not have time to visit Graceland:

Are you shopping for souvenirs?
We haven’t had time. We tried picking up stuff in Mexico—a bunch of Navajo stuff—but the store was closed.
Should people bring you something at the show?
Mix CDs—we’re lacking music in our van. And whatever they feel like.
Fireworks and rugs?
Maybe not fireworks. We could get one in the eye.
What do you hope to smuggle back to Sweden?
Pearl-handled revolver?
Rikard the bass player really likes Civil War stuff, so if he could get a hold of an old revolver, he’d wanna take that back. He’s really into history and shit. I’d like a pair of moccasins. Like Navajo shoes.
So guns and shoes.
And I heard there’s a really good flea market by the Rose Bowl. But I was hoping. But our plane leaves the next day.
This is kind of the ‘look but don’t touch’ tour, huh?
Drive play get drunk—drive play get drunk—drive play get drunk!

Get the rest here. They play tonight at Spaceland with Sam Velde‘s Night Horse and Imaad Wasif, who was the poster boy in April’s L.A. RECORD. Some talk with him inside.

I had a long talk a while back with Imaad, soon after his album Strange Hexes with Two Part Beast came out. He made a great Marc Bolan in the issue and had a lot to say, too.

What it’s like having Frances McDormand up front and screaming at your shows?
She’s an amazing person—sort of a constant supporter of my music since I met her. We just have a connection. I don’t know—it’s strange. I really try not to demystify the beauty of certain relationships and what you share with certain people and why. You just have to exist with them. I feel she adopted a very motherly role with me. Being able to have discussions with her about insanity—connections to insanity and Edward Gorey.
What do you think is the relationship between art and insanity?
I don’t think you have to suffer to create great art. But certain people do. I’ve known really sensitive people that have totally destroyed their lives because of that, and I’m very aware of those things. I’ve felt myself being pulled down by the weight of those things, but I dedicate myself to the struggle of being alive and being here, and I try to really understand those things for myself. I’m interested in this kind of as a universal principle—everyone feels insane at some point!

A lot more at the April interview here. As for the poster, well, one day we’ll get those online.

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