dan monick and sam mcpheeters

Stream: Sam McPheeters “Punishment Bathroom”

Last day of McPheeters‘ ‘Unleash The Walrus’ art show at Hope Gallery today. He gave me one of my realest interviews ever a while back, and then we made arrangements for him to occasionally dip in to deliver OC WEEKLY a bit of dignity. Drew Denny at L.A. RECORD does this fearlessly worthwhile interview:

Do you consider yourself a political artist?
I’m not sure what defines political art. I like a good painting of Ronald Reagan in an outhouse as much as the next guy, but I don’t know that I want my art to read message-heavy. Although I’m going to donate my cut of the Hope Gallery proceeds to charity, I’ll have to pay tax on that money first, and 54% of current federal income taxes go directly to military spending. So I guess all sellable art is political in the sense that it contributes money directly to the military.
Do you consider yourself a grown-up?
Only when teenage punk rockers give me that sideways squint that says I know nothing of their world and never will. But then I remember that I can go home and watch cartoons all night and they have to angrily do fractions.

More here.

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