christine hale

Download: Sian Alice Group “Motionless”

(from 59:59 out now on Social Registry)

This interview with Sian Alice Group at L.A. RECORD cost me like $30 in Skype credits but switched to conversation in the middle and friendly goofin’ off by the end so you bet it was worth it. Great folks—once we uncovered shared reverence for Roky and Chilton, who I should tell you now serve as two of the greatest social accelerants extant, we were fast phone friends. Got to meet them at Pretty Sh!t the other night as they deployed a staggering DJ set (Link Wray from the self-titled Polydor LP? Real!) and politely presided over our top Cha Cha night so far. A lot of L.A. RECORD alumni at the bar: the Black Lips, for whom I bought beers right out the gate just because they looked so thirsty, and RTX and Blank Blue and Gangi and Pizza! and now Sian Alice, who also sport honorary accreditation from the Pierce Academy of Music. Fun more than I could have ever expected. Full fun with Sian Alice—who play tonight at Troubadour, and who may well be hanging out with Mike Bones at Family at 2 today—at this link right here that is waiting for you.

Rupert, do you still live in the studio?
RC: Kind of but right now—
BC: —we’re all in a riverside mansion.
RC: I haven’t lived anywhere for so long. I develop great habits like not cleaning my teeth! General lack of hygiene—stuff like that! But if you have a studio, you spend most of your time in it anyway…
SA: Rupert always lands on his feet—he’s the world’s most glamorous hobo!
RC: Thanks, Sian—that’s great! But right now we’re in a house you wouldn’t believe.
BC: A Jacobean mansion on the Thames.
There’s not like a dead man in a tuxedo cooling on the driveway, is there?
BC: A dead butler just inches away.

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