Details on today’s big event, thanks to fine research by L.A. RECORD. This line-up for free is joy which will reverberate across the centuries. All L.A. RECORD alumni linked below.

1). Emerging Stage – Shearin/Colorado
6:30-7:00—Abe Vigoda
8:10-8:50—Crystal Antlers
9:05-9:20— Gangi
9:35-10:10— Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
10:30-11:10—Mika Miko
11:25-Midnight—The Evangenitals

2). Global Stage – Caspar/Colorado
5:00-5:45 – dublab DJ
5:45-6:45 – Very Be Careful
6:45-7:30 – dublab DJ
7:30-8:30 – Fool’s Gold
8:30-9:00 – dublab DJ
9:00-10:00 – Build An Ark
10:00-10:30 – Speaker & dublab DJ support
10:30 – 12 – Domingo Siete

3). Panang/Zocaloc Stage (Spoken Word/ Indigenous Hard Rock) – Colorado/Argus
5:00-6:00-Mike The Poet – Spoken Word
6:00-6:45- The Bus Stop Prophet – Spoken Word
7:00-7:30—Stab City
10:00-11:00—Aztlan Underground

4). Renaissance Arts Academy (Classical) – Colorado/Argus
5:00-7:00- an eclectic program featuring music by 20th and 21st
Century Composers performed by students of Renaissance Arts Academy

5). Colombo’s (Blues/Full Service Rock and Roll)- Colorado/Hermosa
5:00-7:30—The Joe Johnston Band
8:00-10:30—Ann Likes Red

6). Bateman Water and Heating Co. (Punk-A-Billy) – Colorado/Hermosa
5:00-7:00 – Late Night Snack: Literary Cabaret
7:00-7:30—Permanent Blue (Eagle Rock HS Battle of the Bands Winner)
8:00-8:30—The Beeters
9:00-9:30—Le Face
10:00-11:00—The Curs
7).Women’s 20th Century Club (Big Band/Swing)
5:00-9:00—The Jack Lantz Big Band

8).Welcome Inn (Zydeco) – Colorado / Hermosa
8:00-10:00—Fontenot & Pappion Louisiana Band

9).American Tire Depot – Eagle Rock Block and Friends – Colorado/Glen Iris
The Ship Studios Stage/Eagle Rock Bowling and Drinking Club
7:00-7:30— Landy with The Black Pine
8:00-8:30— The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra (review isn’t online yet)
9:00-9:30— The Parson Red Heads
10:00-10:30— Radar Bros.

Kingsize Soundlabs Stage/ Eagle Rock Bowling and Drinking Club
5:30-6:00—Human Value
6:30-7:00—Pierre de Reeder
8:30-9:00 — Le Switch
9:30-10:00—Light FM

10). Rantz (Latin Lounge) – Colorado/Shearin
6:30-8:30— Kotolan

11). City Hall (Children’s Stage) – Colorado/Maywood
5:00-5:45—Open Gate Theatre
6:15-7:00—Ellen & Matt
7:30-8:00—Special Guest
8:15-9:00—CA Combo

12). Church of Christ (Indian/Gospel/Sound) – Colorado/Maywood
5:00-6:30—Forever Dedicated Gospel Group
7:00-8:30—Arohi Ensemble (Classical Indian & Raga Jazz)
9:00-10:30— The SASSAS SoundShoppe: An improvisational, experimental
sound performance featuring Joe Potts, Gabie Strong, Greg Lenczycki, Jorge
Martin, Helga Fassonaki (Metal Rouge), Andrew Scott (Metal Rouge),
Doug Henry, and others to be announced.

13).Camilo’s (Jazz) – Colorado/Caspar
5:00-6:30—Andres Torres Trio
6:30-7:30—Cynthia Speer
8:00-10:00—Cynthia Speer

14).Swork (Singer/Songerwriter) -Colorado/Eagle Rock Boulevard
7:00-7:45—New London
8:30-9:30—One Trick Pony

15). American Legion Hall (Folk/Experimental/Hybrid) – Merton/Eagle Rock Boulevard
5:00-5:45—The Cobra Lilies
6:00-6:30—The Antarcticans
6:45-7:30—Emily Lacy
7:45-8:30—Upsilon Acrux
8:45-9:30—Emily Wells
9:45-10:30—Jesske Hume/Joe Berardi/ Jeremy Drake: Experimental Improv
(with butoh by Oguri)

16). Divine Forces Stage (Hip Hop/Funk/Soul/Breakbeats/World) – Merton / Caspar
5:00-5:35— Grainshifter
5:35-6:05—Eagle Rock Underground DJs
6:05-6:45—DJ J1
6:45-7:30— Blank Blue
7:30-8:15— Bambu
8:15-8:30— DJ J1
8:30-9:00— Akasha
9:00-9:15— Eagle Rock Underground DJs
9:15-10:00pm— Special Guest
10:00-10:15pm— Eagle Rock Underground DJs
10:15-11:00pm – Cava



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