Stream: Guy Clark “L.A. Freeway”

Stream: Jerry Jeff Walker “Hairy Ass Hillbillies”

Stream: Iris DeMent “Let The Mystery Be”

Feature on the overflowing glories of the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass free festival in Golden Gate Park this weekend. Besides the screwy combo of MC Hammer and Will Oldham—thanks to Elijah for crystalizing that for me—they’ve got all the live people who made some of my favorite sad songs except for Terry Allen. I actually interviewed Guy, Jerry Jeff and Loudon Wainwright for this, but the dictates of space meant they barely got to squeeze in. I may put up the raw interviews here later. Full article here.

Country? Hillbilly? Outlaw? “Real country,” as per writer Nicholas Dawidoff? Or maybe just music a little “further on the edge,” says Guy Clark from Kerrville, Texas, where he was recently holed up waiting for Hurricane Ike to piss itself out. Whatever you tag it, that roundtable really existed for a bit. It was in Clark’s Nashville kitchen on Christmas Eve, 1975. You can see it yourself in the landmark documentary Heartworn Highways: Clark and Earle and Rodney Crowell and Richard Dobson and Steve Young and Bill Callery, having an old-fashioned hootenanny around smashed packs of smokes and empty whiskey bottles.



  1. […] first talk with Loudon Wainwright over at O.C. WEEKLY. I did this originally for the S.F. WEEKLY Hardly Strictly Bluegrass piece but didn’t end up using it. But I’d never leave Loudon out in the cold. I just […]

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