sean from new fidelity

Download: Blank Blue “All The Shallow Deep”

(from Western Water Music Vol. 2 on Ubiquity)

Download: Greater California “It’s Great” (shea M gauer remix)

(from Trust Us on Fidotrust)

Download: Crystal Antlers “Parting Song For The Torn Sky”

(from the EP on Touch and Go)

Here is a little blurber on this weekend’s Schooled In Song, which is soon going to be the Eagle Rock Music Fest of the South Bay. (Same way Eagle Rock Music Fest will probably soon be the new Sunset Junction.) Got some interview outtakes for this one, too, but for now this will be the Sunday to flatten all previous Sundays. Full article here with bits on Blank Blue, Greater California, Jay Buchanan, Crystal Antlers and Dengue Fever. And I would also like to say how happy I am that Long Beach has a street fest this solid. With the last-min addition of Paperplanes, this becomes a very inclusive and impressive line-up.

Last year’s Schooled in Song festival at the Carpenter Center taught locals just how healthy homegrown music can be: “500 people walked away saying, ‘What amazing musicians in our midst!’” remembers organizer Justin Hectus, who had the Dibs, Deccatree, Chris Paul Overall and more raising money for Long Beach arts programs. But now class is really in session. A partnership with the University by the Sea arts-and-culture fest—named after an old-timers club at which boring lecturers were voted offstage—pairs more than 30 bands with off-the-wall classes in which Long Beach personalities (such as Mayor Bob Foster) wax academic on everything from Roman history to swashbuckling (“museum-quality” weapons provided). Other areas of study: “Laughter Yoga,” “How to Be a Drag Queen,” “The Rise and Fall of Fender’s International Ballroom,” plus composting workshops, crepe-making, and a whole bunch about alcohol and/or the consumption of.

Set times below. This is a free all-ages show at First and Linden in downtown Long Beach that starts at 10ish Sunday. And don’t skip Grobaty’s preview here, either.

Click image to enlarge.


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