Stream: The Marvelettes “Paper Boy”

(from my own personal 45 which I bought off a broomstick at a D.C. junkshop)

Via L.A. RECORD—this comes from the venerable SOC, who if he wasn’t there in the very first issue was probably in right afterward. (Though my favorite early clip from Vol. 1 is then-Amoeba-cashier Devon Williams reviewing Lavender Diamond… which he later joined.) It’s nice to see ’em all stacked up like this. Note the freakish Vol. 1 No. 1 (“Too big,” Amoeba said; we didn’t know because we’d never made one yet) and the way the header fonts change based on whose computer (and whose futon) was being used for design.

After learning of the colossal value of vintage L.A. RECORDs—double-digits!—veteran writer SOC (who may be our longest-lasting contributor) sent us this photo of his million-dollar L.A. RECORD stash. We hope we will still be invited to the mansion if he ever sells these—for old times’ sake…


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