MP3s from last week below.

Download: T. Rex “The Groover”

Download: The Outsiders “Freeway”

Download: Doug Sahm “Groover’s Paradise”

Download: The Pagans “Street Where Nobody Lives”

Download: The Mighty Ryeders “Everybody Groove”

Download: Sonadora ‘Birds And Bees’

Download: dios malos ‘Dumb After All’

Download: Peach Fuzz ‘Fille Des Mers Du Sud’

(from Catch Your Snap on Teenacide)

Download: The Monolators “Don’t Dance”

Download: The Ravens “I’m A Hog For You, Baby”

Download: Karen Dalton ‘Every Time I Think Of Freedom’

(from Cotton-Eyed Joe out now on Delmore)

Download: Giant Drag “Kevin Is Gay”

(from Hearts and Unicorns on Kickball)

Download: Cold War Kids “Something Is Not Right With Me”

Download: Cold War Kids “Every Man I Fall For”

(both from Loyalty to Loyalty out now on Downtown)

Download: Mission of Burma “Dead Pool”

Download: Mission of Burma “Learn How”

(both from VS. out now on Matador)

Download: Young Marble Giants “Final Day”

Download: John Cale “Antarctica Starts Here”

Download: The Entrance Band “Grim Reaper Blues”

(from Prayer of Death out now on Tee Pee)

Download: Little Joy “No One’s Better Sake”

Download: The Fugs “Kill For Peace”

Download: F “Attack”

Download: The Hollywood Brats “Sick On You”

Download: Big Bill Broonzy “Terrible Operation Blues”

Download: Two Gospel Keys “I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Any More”

Download: Andre Williams “I’m Going Down To Tijuana”

Download: Jimmy and Johnny “I Ain’t Worried About Tomorrow”

Download: Michael Hurley and the Unholy Modal Rounders “Robbin’ Banks”

Download: Big Star “Thank You Friends”

Download: Thee Midniters “Money”

Download: Re-Up Gang “Bring It Back” (Kone remix)

(from the Broke Folk blog)

Download: Link Wray “Fire And Brimstone”

Download: Magic Lantern “Feasting On Energy”

(from High Beams on Not Not Fun)

Download: Magic Lantern “At The Mountains Of Madness”

(from the now out-of-print CD-R)

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