Download: L.A. RECORD “Pretty Sh!t Mix”

I made a mix for L.A. RECORD to rouse dreamy girls and shy guys for the second in our series of Sh!t N!ghts at the Cha Cha in Silverlake. I may DJ but I may also better-valor and let Sian Alice Group (who are killer and did an upcoming L.A. RECORD interview that will win hearts forever) do something much better.

We are DJing at Cha Cha Wednesday night for the next installment of our acclaimed “Something Sh!t” series and we are following up last month’s Heavy Sh!t with the logical next step: Pretty Sh!t. (Let’s also call this an Eagle Rock Music Fest pre-party!) It’s free to everyone to come see us and guests from Gangi and hopefully Sian Alice Group (if they’re in town) DJ the most purtiest lovelies we can pry out of our library.

My liners below.

01. Os Mutantes “Panis Et Circenses”

One of my favorite bands. Up there with Roky. Me interviewing Sergio for a long long time here. I would also urge you to purchase their later “bad” albums because guess what? They aren’t bad. Get some Sweet 45s and ’70s Link Wray while you are in a missed-opportunity mode, too.

02. Stone Poneys “Different Drum”

Definition of “pretty shit.” Written by Monkee Nesmith and probably beloved of Philip K. Dick, who wrote Linda Ronstadt into like two novels and a bunch of short stories as “Linda Fox.”

03. Sid Selvidge “Miss Eleana”

Great orchestral bummerdom from the just-out Thank You Friends Ardent box set. I love Ardent and hope to sit in their control room chair one day. This would be a great comp already but they seeded it with some Big Star rarities—real rarities; some not even on the Ardent Sessions boot that came out—which really push this into that ultimate one-percent. This also blew out of print I think so grab it. 2XCD only as far as I know.

04. Nirvana “Rainbow Chaser”

The British band that Nirvana U.S. had to name-wrangle with. Canterbury psych-pop with an intro that surely must have been rapped over by now.

05. The Bee Gees “Red Chair, Fade Away”

From their first super-heavy record.

06. Daughters of Albion “Hey, You, Wait, Stay”

Post-Peppers studio-as-acrobat project from producer Greg Dempsey and singer Kathy Yesse. “Well Wired” is a real fun one on hear—plenty fast and stereo pans that will run your car into a ditch. But this is a sentimental favorite.

07. JK & Co. “Fly”

Supposedly a 17-year-old Canadian boy genius who came to L.A. and sessioned this out. I actually get certain basic nutrients from backmasking so I have to listen to this once a day.

08. The Millennium “The Island”

California pop that should have sat first-tier but somehow they got sidelined as re-ish treasure. Great album, tho. Drums that walk around the room by themselves. (But not on this track, which had to be pretty.)

09. Rogerio Duprat “Honey / Summer Rain”

Duprat was Mutantes producer and gave tropicalia its signature maximalism. This is a double from his only solo release. I was told once to buy anything that had his credit on it.

10. Bonnie Dobson “I Got Stung”

Canadian folk gal whose songs tend to slide psych/funk—try her “Light Of Love,” which is the same formula of jilted-in-love-swing-in-the-drums. Sampled lots.

11. Soft Boys “Positive Vibrations”

Definitive “pretty shit” philosophy. Says Robyn in his liner notes: “I wanted to invert the way I was feeling. The Russians had invaded Afghanistan, my girlfriend took the dog to be put down. I thought, okay, let’s turn this upside down. I flipped myself over.”

12. Os Mutantes “Panis Et Circenses” (Reprise)

When they played at the Bowl I got their late and heard only the last note of this last movement, and after that there was nothing worth remembering.

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