Download: Big Star “Thank You Friends”

Just got the best note I ever got over at L.A. WEEKLY on the Flying Lotus / Blank Blue / Not Wave article. Full disclosure: I didn’t seed this and I have no idea who wrote it. If I know you, I owe you something nice. If I don’t, once I know who you are, I will initiate the owing-you process. As always in these situation: thank you, friends! Also full disclosure: I do have a full brain but only half of it works at any given time.

Thank God for Chris Ziegler. Why doesn’t someone give him a book deal already? He is the only person writing about music in LA who has half a brain and a turn with prose.
Comment by bricklayer on Sep 25th, 2008, 02:06 am

(Also—art by Max Pechstein, who I previously repurposed as an RTX flyer.)


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