Download: Thee Midniters “Money”

More from the department of the unexpectable: Annie’s auction of the old Giant Drag issue (Vol. 1, No. 16, laid out on a futon in Charlie’s old apartment) went for $76 on eBay. That’s the first L.A. RECORD I have ever seen on eBay and I never expected for it to go that much. The most I ever spent on there was $46 for what was advertised as a reissue of the Outsiders CQ album—and I felt that was kind of high—but it showed up and looks like an original, so I guess I came out ahead. If only I’d known I could have a copy of my own magazine for just $30 more. L.A. RECORD‘s first post here and recap post here.

2 Responses to “L.A. RECORD GOES FOR $76 ON EBAY”

  1. Eros Sinclair Says:

    No floods over here. What can I get for that Grabs issue?

  2. chrisziegler Says:

    Give it a little more time and you can probably sell it back to us.

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