aaron giesel

Download: The Entrance Band “Grim Reaper Blues”

(from Prayer of Death out now on Tee Pee)

Download: Little Joy “No One’s Better Sake”

One of my favorite L.A. bands (used to be Long Beach, too—bassist Paz lived right downtown) playing one of their too-rare local shows at Troubadour tonight with Devendra’s new-ish band Megapuss and Strokes’ drummer Fab’s new band Little Joy, named after exactly what you think it’s named after. Entrance had a gloriously combustive streak in 2006 where they were probably one of the best bands in the city: power-trio like Hendrix led (and singer/guitarist Guy plays upside down, too) with every player top-notch and every song distended past expectation. The recorded “Grim Reaper” above just does not do justice to the live version. Guy got really good at teasing out that little intro and people would just be shivering and salivating in place until he let the band kick in. They have been lying pretty low for a long time so I wouldn’t miss shows. Good news is they’re posting tons of homemades on their myspace for purchase. One of my favorite L.A. RECORD interviews was with Entrance, too; the pyramid meets the aliens below.

UPDATE: I chucked a Little Joy song up there, too. Kind of a “One Love” vibe. Someone thinking about Sam Cooke, too. Speaking of, check out S.A.R. records one day in your life.

What is the most meaningful thing T-Model Ford ever told you?
G: I believe his exact words were, ‘Don’t smoke so much reefer! Drink some whiskey like I do and be a man with your guitar! What are you afraid of? Next time I see you, you better not be afraid!’ The first time we’d played together I’d run out of the club because guys were about to beat me up. He was watching and got really mad, basically saying that if you’re a guitar player, when you hold that guitar, you have to hold it like a gun, and say to yourself that no one can hurt you because you have the power. You have the weapon—the guitar! He said it in his own way—pretty profound! And he said, ‘Be like a tree—grow until you die!’ And he also said, ‘You like to roll with a lot of ladies, don’t you?’ He likes the ladies.
Why did you run out?
G: I was like, ‘Who here voted?’ And everyone was like, ‘Yeah!’ ‘Who here voted Bush?’ It was like five days after the election and a lot of people were like, ‘Yeah!’ And I said, ‘Fuck him and fuck you!’ I started singing my song, and halfway through, I felt people coming toward me, so I ran for my life. There’s a dark side to the story, but the uplifting part is T-Model Ford. He said my life’s purpose is to play guitar—I should be tougher! I don’t think I’m gonna run away if it happens again.

More here.


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