Download: Young Marble Giants “Final Day”

Download: John Cale “Antarctica Starts Here”

UPDATE: Is horse above from the Humpbacked Horse? Clip below.

Another in a venerable series of Soviet vanitas from English Russia, which is a CONTROL CLASSIC site. Today’s decay is a giant old movie palace, where I can only hope films like Aelita and Planeta Bur were shown to reverent throngs. This reminds me of the time I first went to the Palace downtown, long after the silent glory days and back when it was a hulk administered by one girl who didn’t mind some exploring. It was for a three-day monster-movie marathon with bands playing on stage and people sleeping inside a halo of junk food wrappers in front of the screen. We went prowling around and found hundreds of plastic letters from the marquee and (honest) a grimy old noose dangling in the atrium off the colored balcony. Now it’s a downtown destination. Lesson as always: get to things early. Soviet sci-fi clips below.

Above: Aelita (1924)

Above: Planeta Bur (1961)

Above: Icarus XB-1 (1963, and Czech but perhaps it got decent distribution?)

And the Humpbacked Horse—possibly from the photo above?


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