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Download: Mission of Burma “Dead Pool”

Download: Mission of Burma “Learn How”

(both from VS. out now on Matador)

Over at L.A. RECORD is a big conversation with Mission of Burma drummer Peter Prescott, who wrote the song “Learn How” above and who was gracious enough to take several interview calls while he was at work at the record store in Cambridge. I saw Burma at their first reunion show in L.A. with Watt opening, I think—Roger had his carrier-deck earguards on and they covered either the Dils or the Stooges. Either way, nice surprise! They play VS. plus bonus tracks tomorrow night at Echoplex. Peter talking about karate kicks and Mark E. Smith (plus tasteful confusion as to the appeal of Fleet Foxes; condolences for them as music history comes alive to wonder why anyone likes them…) and more at L.A. RECORD, and a little hint about the inevitable end of Burma below.

What will Burma be doing when you’re all 70?
A terrifying thought! The reality is we’re not gonna be able to play that much longer anyway. We sort of talked it over—are we gonna write mellower songs that we can handle better when we’re 55? And that’s not gonna happen. The bottom line is you have to feel right about it, and the only way we feel right is when we write in the spirit of a long time ago. It doesn’t have to be the same—we don’t want it to be the same! But it’s coming from the same area. There’s nothing that people are more abhorrent of—and it’s fair to be—when bands they love ‘progress.’ Adding glockenspiels or something! It’s not where you wanna see a band go that you really love. We relate to that. If the three of us started playing different music, it wouldn’t matter that it’s the three of us—it wouldn’t be Burma. We aren’t gonna call it that unless it is that. So to play that and play it correctly—to really push it, a couple more years.
Planned obsolescence?
It was supposed to be three shows in 2002. We’ve outlived our obsolescence by many years already!


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