Download: Giant Drag “Kevin Is Gay”

(from Hearts and Unicorns on Kickball)

We always wondered and now it happened: the first L.A. RECORD I’ve ever seen on eBay, thanks to Annie from Giant Drag. She’s auctioning off a copy of Vol. 1 No. 16 from November 2005—with a !!! interview conducted from a back booth at Subway—and although she backs off on it being “extremely rare,” allow me to confirm. (Original vividly digitized here.) We never made very many of the poster issues and they were each only available for a week—if you got one, you got one, and if you didn’t, you had to get lucky. And now that it’s three years later—during which our archive has … shall we say, suffered certain circumstances—I think that it’s very fair to call these “extremely rare.” Annie’s spiel plus me nostalgia below.

From Annie:

This is a Poster from a Los Angeles magazine type thing. It’s called LA Record and basically the cover is a band doing a reproduction of an album cover. This one is us (Giant Drag) doing the cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours” and on the back side there are a few more pictures of us and an interview. I had to scour my apartment to find this because I thought I only had one copy and I didn’t want to give it away because it’s so cool. It can be framed to look all nice and stuff, or not. It does have a fold mark as it comes out as a magazine and opens into a poster but it can be flattened out. you can go to LARecord.com to learn more about what this publication is if you’re interested, it’s pretty cool. Our cover got voted as the best one for some competition they had. This comes with a Giant Drag Sticker and Autographed Press Photo and can be personally Autographed upon request. Thanks for shopping at the official Giant Drag Ebay Store! xo Annie P.S. the shipping is more expensive since it’s in one of those special poster round package thingies. if you don’t mind it to be folded (you can flatten it at home) then let me know and I will make the invoice so it’s much cheaper. P.P.S. i just found a couple more of these in the corner of my apartment. Lucky day! so I guess they’re just pretty rare, but not extremely rare. sorry about that.

I don’t like to dwell on the mathematics but I definitely don’t think it would be easy to find these. If you’ve got a complete run of all 75 poster issues, then you are in an extremely exclusive club. It’s probably more likely that you served as an American president. And as someone who sometimes rakes old rock magazines off eBay himself, it’s heartening that this is going for over $20—that’s about or a bit more than the price of a pre-1975 Bomp, though not as high as a 1969-ish Creem, and that’s a range very nice to visit.

I’d also like to use this little spot to recall this photoshoot—some “DVD commentary,” as we roughed out for the very-in-progress L.A. RECORD book—which was done in our original studio next to the bird store in Atwater. Micah is wearing some Christmas ornaments, Annie’s shoes are gaff tape, and Dan played the same two Fleetwood Mac songs over and over as he worked. It’s nice to see him so happy.


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