Download: Sonadora ‘Birds And Bees’

Download: dios malos ‘Dumb After All’

Download: Peach Fuzz ‘Fille Des Mers Du Sud’

(from Catch Your Snap on Teenacide)

Another unimpeachable line-up at the dios residency. They’ve been pulling in the best of the South Bay and the best of the South Bay sympathetics. Peachfuzz remind me of the Scruffs, though they don’t have that same manic slobber in the vocals, and dios has a big batch of new songs that are going to be a third album. You can read my tearjerker dios piece here. And then we have Sonadora, who I mentioned before:

Sonadora is Kevin who was on the first dios (malos) album and who is a young but much-accomplished songwriter aiming somewhere between maybe John Lennon and the Beck rock songs plus Gabe Garnica, who in addition to being the Rolling Blackouts’ [original] effortlessly ferocious drummer is a serious student of pop composition and who besides Sonadora even leads (sometimes) a solo band of his own. In South Bay micro terms, this is like Dennis Wilson making tracks with Emitt Rhodes, though I will probably get teased for saying that.

Next week is our guy Devon Williams, I think. Expect a little on that then.

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