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Download: Jail Weddings ‘Somebody Lonely’

(from ‘Somebody Lonely’ 45 on Revenge/Red Wine)

Said me in simpler times:

Full disclosure is that I respect Gabe Hart (Starvations/Fortune’s Flesh) a lot and here is the band he was born for. Nine-piece revue with himself and two wild ladies up front—Katya the incandescent blonde and Tina the bombshell brunette—and a band that is Phil Spector’s Wrecking Crew from X’s Los Angeles. Their good songs are as good as any good band and their best songs are an honor and a privilege: Gabe in silver tie with basso boom like Roy Orbison (!) hauling a song across his shoulder with the opener, “Somebody’s lonely . . . !” and the band (with violin and sax and keys) and the girls pop in on the exact same sha-la-la behind him. No gimmick—instead the total real deal, with Katya and Tina and Gabe all splitting solos (just like my Wailers at the Castle LP) off their righteous heartbroke big-beat big-chorus California rock & roll.

They’ve done two knock-out interviews for L.A. RECORD and made one of the best mixes we ever got, not that anyone wasn’t thinking they wouldn’t. See those below and them at Alex’s.

Download: Jail Weddings’ mixtape for L.A. RECORD

Tex And The Horseheads “Oh Mother”
The Bitter Sweets “What A Lonely Way To Start The Summertime”
Bruce Springsteen “Candy’s Room”
Jolie Holland “Old Fashion Morphine”
Iry LeJeune “Evangeline Special”
Screamers “122 Hours Of Fear”
Giorgio Moroder “Son of My Father”
Sylvia Hall “Don’t Touch That Thing”
John Coltrane “Kulu Se Mama”

And high drama on the highway from the first interview:

What’s your dream when it comes to making a record? Your perfect scenario?
GH: Something completely timeless. Something no one would go—
HB: Perfect scenario—what the hell is that? The police just walked in.
JP: It would be round and playable on a turntable and made of wax.
HB: Whose probation officer just went in the gas station? Do we have a head count?
GH: The cops are here. We gotta get out of here.

Plus special love for Long Beach:

What’s the most romantic thing you saw happen in a Jail Weddings crowd?

TL: Oh my God, romantic? What do you mean?
Whatever made your heart flutter.
JP: Long Beach is probably the best city we’ve played. The response we get is very genuine. It’s a very genuine reception. People are screaming and dancing and applauding and that’s probably the very best reception I’ve ever received from an audience as far as ever being in a band.

Then a little philosophy and history from Gabe in the second interview:

What song do you like to play last in your set and why?
GH: Right now it’s this song called ‘The Impossible,’ where I get to walk off in the middle of it and watch them finish from the crowd, and I get this rush where I feel like I’m Sylvester Matushka—that guy who would derail trains and watch them wreck as he hid in bushes and jerked off!
BW: I enjoy ‘The Honeymoon Loop.’ Why, you ask? I love dramatic endings and that song brings on the funk, the noise and then the drama.
BC: ‘Kasimir,’ and damnit, Gabe Hart won’t let me!

And now a graceful finale:

How are your spirits?
GH: Flowing right down our throats.

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