Download: GZA ‘Paper Plate’

(from Pro Tools out now on Baby Grande)

Long talk with GZA on L.A. RECORD today. Wasn’t quite as heavy as the talk with RZA, which is probably one of the realest interviews I have ever done—though rivaled by Moris Tepper, who was just a page away in the same issue—but it happened under certain circumstances. Liquid Swords 2 and natural disturbances below.

I had GZA scheduled the day we had our 5.5ish quake in June, which was an invigorating and novel experience in my venerable old high-rise. I spent a little time down on the street in case anything bigger was coming—watching the palm trees finish wiggling—and checking my phone which wasn’t working because the networks were blown out. The very second I crept back upstairs, my phone lit up UNKNOWN: “Hey?” “Hey.” “So … what’s up?” “The interview, man!” Bad form but GZA is gracious. My favorite part was the tip on what could be a really cosmic Liquid Swords 2:

The next album I plan to drop is nothing braggadocious. It’s just all energy and great vibrations—still with a hard edge! Don’t think I’m just talking plants and flowers! But I will be speaking about plants. The average rapper will hear that and say, ‘This dude is buggin’!’ They don’t understand. Sometimes I sit down—tell my son, ‘I’m gonna do a song about this,’ and he’s like, ‘I don’t know—sounds kind of boring and corny!’ And he’ll hear it and be like, ‘Wow, you pulled that off!’ So I’m not gonna be in a botanical garden running around picking flowers, but I will speak! Great things—light and color and energy and chlorophyll and plant life and soil, but in hip-hop fashion. I think the whole album will be about that—planets and black holes, comets, quasars, supernovas, those things all combined—heaven and earth combined. That’s what the next one will be like. Don’t think I can’t speak about this in a hardcore hip-hop manner because I’m good at that. It’ll be next year.
What are you going to name it?
I don’t wanna let it out yet—I had a title called G=MC2 and Mariah came out with E=MC2.

Also L.A. RECORD photographer Dan Monick was deeply heartened to learn that GZA too loves Lite FM.

I don’t wanna hear loud nonsense and a bunch of bullshit! So I gotta hear Pat Benatar or Neil Sedaka or Captain and Tennille and KC and the Sunshine Band—I’d rather hear that than the R&B out nowadays. I stick to those channels because I reminisce. I get peace of mind—close my eyes and go back like I’m eight or nine again.

And let me direct you back up top for the art by Ques. He’s the visualizer for the new L.A. beat scene but sometimes we can sneak him in L.A. RECORD. He has tons of art for purchase if you need to fix up your life.

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