Download: Scotty Coats ‘Beautiful Ones’

Download: NON STOP ‘Hydration Explosion’

(both from Not Wave out now on Rong/DFA)

Three conjoined reviews for L.A. WEEKLY on the happily coincidental release of bunch of electronicoid-psychedelicish tracks from locals. Indulge my reminiscing below; get MP3s and junk for the trouble.

Saw Flying Lotus at the very first Unreleased Beat Invitational at Low End Theory and he was unbelievable. Fan ever since. Did his first (as far as I know) print interview here. Check out a mix he made for L.A. RECORD here.

Also saw Blank Blue‘s very first show ever at Low End Theory (back when Greg Brown was on drums and shows were at Little Temple due to shotgun hijinx at Airliner) and did their very first interview for L.A. RECORD. They whipped the costumes out for that photoshoot in no time—always a sign of good things to come.

Not Wave is a DFA reissue of a Rong comp that mixes cranky ol’ classics like James Chance with new mutant-disco types; taco aficionado Scotty Coats turns in two cool songs (prelude to some sharp remixes he has coming out next month or so) and Heru “Get me a Brawny!” Basil and RTX’s Body Rogers have the track above as NON STOP, and it is a serious kraut ripper right up there with “Hero” off Neu 75. As always with Heru, I hear and obey.

Also submitted a possible bio on RTX to Drag City, one of America’s realest labels. The admins like but we are waiting for band approval. Read some old-time fun I had with Jennifer here. Also have to credit her for this little vignette outside the Prospector: a wandering panhandler accused her of sporting store-bought varmint pelts on her bag and person, and she hucked up her shoulders and said, “Naw, I killed ’em! I killed ’em and I ate their ears and I sucked their noses!” Coming soon: council of realness.

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