Download: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds ‘Bring It On’

(from Nocturama on Anti)

Nick Cave interview up at L.A. RECORD. The nice folks at Anti told me I’d only have fifteen minutes with him and instead he talked me until I was out of questions, and then politely me let me go gently after another ten minutes of cheerful b.s.-ing. Big regret: learned a day later (thanks, Kelsey) that Cave spent his entire stay in L.A. in a lime-green leisure suit (apparently the only clothing he owned during that troubled time) and that he once led a bunch of starving local rockers on mooch-and-destroy mission to some avant-garde art party sponsored (and catered by) the Australian government. Outtakes from the published interview below:

Nick on Peter Carey’s True History of the Kelly Gang:

Have you ever read the True History of the Kelly Gang?
The Peter Carey one? Did I like it? I did actually like that book. I thought it owed quite a lot to the Canadian writer—Michael Ondaatje—he did a kind of prose—an extended prose-poem novel thing called The Collected Works of Billy The Kid: Left-Handed Poems, which was cool, and which I felt had a huge influence over that book. But it was a lovely rendition of an amazing story, you know?

Nick on the Original Seeds compilations:

We never had anything to do with that. Something by some dude who had nothing to do with us. It’s a good record. And there’s a second one. It was reasonably well research, and it made for a very good record—I was happy it was released because I didn’t have a lot of those songs, and I used to love a lot of those songs. The guy had done his research. But it had absolutely nothing to do with us whatsoever.
But you found it personally useful?
It got sent to me and I put it on—‘Oh, right, that’s cool. Oh yes. Oh yes.’ And all that sort of stuff. But I didn’t find it useful. I thought it was slightly dubious that someone was putting out records that almost looked like a Nick Cave record. You thought it was. So someone was on to a good thing.

Totally disposed of: the parts after the part where he tells me I need a better end for the interview because I disgusted myself.

And also: A good Cave interview here and a review on L.A. RECORD.


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