I interviewed Guy Clark today—poor Guy; me all slugged up with flu—for an article I’m working on for S.F. WEEKLY (also including Loudon Wainwright, who talked about grinding up his corpse and selling it to fans after he died) and besides a little about his upcoming album and a little about the song he’s currently got scribbled on a bar napkin on his desk, we ended up talking Roky Erickson, as everyone who talks to me must sooner or later.

Townes Van Zandt was Roky’s roommate for a while, which is already respectably staggering, but it turns out Guy—who was an art director before he was musician—laid out a bunch of the album covers on the Elevators’ old International Artists label (apparently including the eye-popping Lightnin’ Hopkins one) and even took the photos on the back of Easter Everywhere. I hope to call him back and drag out all further details.

Heartbursting video of Roky and Guy doing two of my favorite songs below:

Guy Clark “L.A. Freeway” (197-)

Roky Erickson “You Don’t Love Me Yet” (1983)

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