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King blog WFMU (thx to Miles for an appropriate honorific) is a necessary daily feed for anyone who likes music at all, but they’ve got a new recent feature that should really get L.A. locals panting. “Listener Fodder” is curating the Mix Machine, which digitizes and re-releases old swap-meet hip-hop mixtapes on to the Internet. Though he picked them up in San Diego, these are quintessentially L.A. productions—Wreckin’ Cru era-mixes sold at Torrance’s Roadium, where N.W.A. was born and where hundreds of other kids first heard the music that would push them into hip-hop groups of their own. I once interviewed the Visionaries’ Key Kool about what it was like to grow up eight inches from the Roadium:

Was the Roadium Swap Meet as legendary as they say?
We lived literally on the back wall of the Roadium, and there was a cut in the fence, so we’d just hop the fence every time and get in free. And there was a record stand—a guy named Steve Yano, a Japanese-American dude—and we’d roll up there and Dr. Dre was selling mix tapes, and Yano would play every new hip-hop record—we’d be like, ‘We’ll take that EPMD, we’ll take that Cold Crush Bros.’ We’d put together whatever money we could scrounge up, buy a few records, go to my homie’s house on the other side of the block and DJ all day—rhyming over beats, trying to do anything—and all weekend that’s all we’d do! Our first record Galleries was mixed at Steve’s studio, and I’d be like, ‘Do you remember me?’ And he was like, ‘Of course! You’re the tall Japanese-American kid who plays basketball!’
What neighborhoods do you go back to when you visit your families?
My parents are still there—the same place right behind the Roadium!

And I should have asked Arabian Prince if he ever made any of these to sell. Mixes to stream and download below, and keep checking the Mix Machine link for updates. They’re scheduled to post new material weekly!

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Download: L.A. RECORD “New Depression Mix”

Quickie mix for Charlie up on L.A. RECORD now. New depression in heaven? Tracklist and etc. below.

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Download: L.A. RECORD “Pretty Sh!t Mix”

I made a mix for L.A. RECORD to rouse dreamy girls and shy guys for the second in our series of Sh!t N!ghts at the Cha Cha in Silverlake. I may DJ but I may also better-valor and let Sian Alice Group (who are killer and did an upcoming L.A. RECORD interview that will win hearts forever) do something much better.

We are DJing at Cha Cha Wednesday night for the next installment of our acclaimed “Something Sh!t” series and we are following up last month’s Heavy Sh!t with the logical next step: Pretty Sh!t. (Let’s also call this an Eagle Rock Music Fest pre-party!) It’s free to everyone to come see us and guests from Gangi and hopefully Sian Alice Group (if they’re in town) DJ the most purtiest lovelies we can pry out of our library.

My liners below.

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kate kunath

Download: Jolie Holland “Mexico City”

(from The Living And The Dead out Oct. 7 on Anti-)

Download: Jolie Holland “Old Fashioned Morphine”

(from Escondida on Anti-)

Download: Webb Pierce “The Good Lord Giveth (And Uncle Sam Taketh Away)”

Just had a talk with Jolie Holland, who says she hasn’t had her own room to live in since 2005. (She even wrote two songs on the new album at the airport or in a hotel, which I think is how Porter Wagoner used to do it.) A lot of Texas talk—Roky, Guy, Townes—and a lot of ghost talk, prompted by Townes. She is very comfortable when it comes to ghosts. Plus the value of Chinese medicine, raven feathers, nicknames, funerals, weddings, the 70-year-old busboy who used to sing with her and a lot of lines like, “I’m dirt poor, but I have accountants.” Sounds like a line from the Webb Pierce song above to me. I’ll let you know when and where this is going to come out.


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MP3s from last week below.

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As discussed in my L.A. WEEKLY article. Online now for streaming and voting. Check it out here since flash doesn’t work on ZCONTROLS. I also finally heard his Adult Swim bumpers late the other night. The whole world’s turning Lotus. Also nice photo. Makes me wanna clean my screen.


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Download: Magic Lantern “Feasting On Energy”

(from High Beams out tomorrow on Not Not Fun)

Download: Magic Lantern “At The Mountains Of Madness”

(from the now out-of-print CD-R)

Tip for L.A. RECORD and guitarist Cameron himself, who I will surely be meeting bills-in-hand momentarily. Not Not Fun is releasing Magic Lantern‘s long-overdue first full-length and first vinyl, though they’ve got a stack of solo LPs out already, and they’re pretty much the perfect label for them. They came out of nowhere at last year’s Tee Pee fest—their prior band experience then was limited to a gig on NPR?—and not only were they viciously impressive from day one, but it turned out they all lived just down the street in Long Beach.

Their old CD-R (with the absorptive “At The Mountains Of Madness”) is also due out on vinyl and captures what they do well: wide-open visionary Spaceman/Guru Guru improvs that should be measured like movies, not songs. (The Magic Lantern guys also know more about film than anyone I’ve ever sat beside.) But their set at Bill’s RX Club at Que Sera last month found them in high-gravity mode—sounded like Hawkwind or Sabbath and probably flattened down that little stage a few inches. “That’s what happens when all you do is sit around listening to Funkadelic,” said their aux/flex/keys player Phil. Select Lanternography below.

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